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Last Updated Date Mar 28, 2024

To Optimize a Governance program, work with sponsors and stakeholders (with a goal of continuous improvement) to assess what is working well and what is challenging. Identify new analytics uses cases and applications.


A measured rollout is important for the long term success of the program, bringing new data and stewards into the program in a manner that brings quick wins and value. The adoption is always enhanced by having success stories that can be circulated in company road shows to build momentum. Governance programs are very process centric and require solid Change Management approaches in line with the technology rollout.


The Informatica platform is very flexible and supports enhancement and growth of the governance program over time; adding additional use cases to the data governance program will also enhance the power and coverage of the solution. For example, an organization may start with core technically oriented use cases that provide visibility into core technical data. Subsequent phases may then bring in Privacy and Personal data Policies, while a third phase may look to align with essential Business Processes.


Having a strong feedback loop to continue to identify new opportunities for the program will be critical to streamlining the program over time.


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