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PowerCenter to Cloud Modernization Learning Path / IDMC Primer


Course Overview:

PowerCenter Cloud Edition (CDI-PC)  accelerates the modernization of premises PowerCenter workloads to Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).

Modernization is vital in this rapidly changing world and requires a contemporary approach to integrate and manage the complex data ecosystem. Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC) allows you to run PowerCenter workloads without needing metadata or business logic migration. It also allows you to centrally manage and monitor your cloud and hybrid runtime environment on a single IDMC control pane, saving you time and resources through automated updates and real-time security fixes, helping to ensure your critical data and integration infrastructure is secure and up to date to provide the right technical guidance to ensure a smooth, hassle-free, expedited modernization journey.

CDI-PC enables you to modernize your on-premises PowerCenter workloads to any ecosystem. In conjunction with CDI-PC, the self-service PC2CDI Modernization Service empowers you to adopt industry-leading, cloud-native capabilities. It also helps eliminate the risk of manual migration with automation, allowing faster time to value at a significant cost reduction.

Key Benefits:

1. Modernize PowerCenter to the Cloud up to 8X faster and at your own pace.

2. Reduce migration risk with expert guidance from modernization specialists .

3. Embark on your PowerCenter modernization journey with migration best practices to accelerate time to value.

4. Empower your teams with the Informatica PC2CDI modernization service to scale their modernization initiatives.

5. Eliminate maintenance overhead and costs with automated updates and fixes, freeing up scarce resources to focus on strategic projects.

6. Increase efficiency by monitoring on-premises and cloud environments from a centralized pane.

7. Move all your PowerCenter assets to the cloud with the self-service  PC2CDI Modernization service.

Modernization Goals:

To address our PowerCenter customers’ challenges and offer them a seamless, minimal-risk, low-cost, and accelerated path to modernization, Informatica has augmented its proven PowerCenter to Cloud Modernization solution to significantly accelerate time to value and reduce migration costs, time, and effort, and the risk while minimizing disruption to their ongoing mission-critical business operations.


As an admin or architect, learn to cloudify your PowerCenter assets by deploying Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC). Explore how to modernize your PowerCenter workloads to engage with various cloud ecosystems via a self-service P2CDI Modernization service and Cloud Data Validation.  Learn more and get the latest analyst report here.

Note: The course completion badge shows up on the Summary page once you've completed all 6 modules and marked each section as 'Completed'.

Phase 1

Planning and Readiness


Architecture Review

3rd Party Tool Integration

Phase 1

PC Cloudification


Domain Upgrade

Domain Registration

Phase 2

Conversion Planning & Readiness

Assessment conversion 

Manual asset review

Re-design guidance

Phase 2

Cloud Data Validation


Automated Data Validation


Phase 2




Performance Guidelines

Here are a few interactive demos you can try now on PowerCenter Modernization from the Experience Lounge

CDI-PC Deployment
Assess and Convert Assets to Cloud
Data Validation
Start simplifying your cloud modernization journey! Contact Us 


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