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Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter Developers

Power your business with our Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)

For years, Informatica PowerCenter has been the gold standard for on-premises data integration. PowerCenter—together with an enterprise data warehouse—has served as the backbone of your analytics environment. You have invested a tremendous amount of time, resources, and effort to build the data pipelines on which your businesses run. With the advent of cloud computing, you are embarking on a new journey to modernize your enterprise data warehouses to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer: scalability, agility, performance, and cost-effectiveness. To accelerate the time to value for your new cloud data warehouse environments, you must modernize your data warehouses and PowerCenter deployments.

As a Cloud-First Cloud-Native company, Informatica understands the importance and the challenge that this modernization effort represents to you as one of our PowerCenter customers. That’s why we created the Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization Solution for PowerCenter. This solution is designed from the ground up to address your most pressing concerns and objectives as you modernize to the cloud and invest in cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse, AWS Redshift, and Google Big Query.

Start exploring the Primer and other resources that we have curated to address all your PowerCenter to IDMC requirements.

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IICS Primer

Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter Developers

The all-new Cloud Data Warehouse Management Learning Path is designed for PowerCenter developers to help them understand how to navigate IDMC, understand its architecture, see how to perform common day-to-day integration tasks, and get an introduction to net-new capabilities that IDMC provides compared to PowerCenter.

Training and Certification

Training & Certification

Learn the fundamentals of IDMC, including the architecture, data integration features, synchronization tasks, cloud mapping designer, masking tasks, and replication tasks through on-demand courses from Informatica University. 

Plan your Migration

Plan your Migration

This document is intended for all PowerCenter developers. It will take you through the prerequisites of your planned migration from PowerCenter to IDMC and will help you get started.

Velocity Best Practices

Velocity Best Practices

Get certified on a variety of foundational courses for free. These courses are sure to provide you with an edge to your understanding of IDMC.

Additional Resources

Cloud Platform Onboarding

Cloud Platform Onboarding

New to Cloud? Setup your org, agents, and more...
CDI – Beginner Level

CDI – Beginner Level

Learn about the CDI architecture, concepts...

Tech Talk: Cloud Data Warehouse Modernisation


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