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PowerCenter to Cloud Modernization Learning Path/IDMC primer

During this phase, a PowerCenter customer can move their PowerCenter workloads to the cloud (IDMC) at their own pace or schedule. 

Assessment: The PowerCenter repository undergoes an evaluation against current conversion capability, producing a summary that categorizes workflow convertibility at the automated, partial, or manual levels. Detailed reports are generated to explain the reasons behind manual/partial workflows, empowering customers to make informed decisions about proceeding with the conversion of workflows.

Conversion: Utilizing the output files from the assessment, prerequisites for conversion are established. This involves pre-processing and providing the option to rename duplicate sessions, among other considerations. Additionally, a list of PowerCenter connections and conversion flags are generated in case of endpoint repointing. Workflows are then submitted for the conversion process.

Conversion tasks are created to incorporate one or more workflows into the conversion process, allowing for the addition of AUTO/PARTIAL workflows to the conversion task. The task summary reflects the conversion results, indicating successfully converted assets and those with errors that require further attention. Informatica takes the lead in guiding and assisting customers in converting the specified number of assets as outlined in the underlying agreement.

Here are a few interactive demos you can try now on PowerCenter Modernization from the Experience Lounge

CDI-PC Deployment
Assess and Convert Assets to Cloud
Data Validation


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