Data Governance Series

Achieve a Successful Digital Transformation through Smart Data Governance

We have crafted a Data Governance journey consisting of role-based learning paths, solution accelerators with implementational solutions, and a Data lounge with expert video series. We aim to equip you with the right tools and processes to build a robust data governance program and give your business a competitive edge.

With our solution accelerators, we want to deliver value wherever you are on your cloud journey. We identified specific challenges and created accelerators that are solution-specific flipbooks with downloadable templates to tackle those challenges. Our accelerators will enable the practitioners to implement the complete solution, be it tackling compliance or building an effective Customer Data Strategy, or more. We believe in continually providing solutions to boost your digital transformation. 


Data Governance Learning Paths

Analysts, Data Stewards, Data Engineers, or anyone in the digital transformation of businesses need solid ground in managing data. Get started with the Data Governance Learning Path and take purposeful steps towards simple and smart Data Governance. To make your experience valuable, we have combined business use cases, governance scenarios, webinars on best practices, business value, and more. 

Data Engineer
Data Steward


Data Governance Lounge

The Data Governance Lounge presents an expert video series featuring Kash Mehdi, our Data Domain Expert. As part of the complete Data Governance experience, the topics covered comprise Data Governance Key Drivers, Data trends, developing a Data governance roadmap, and more. 

Season 1

Season 1 explains the importance of data, its use, its flow, and how it changes over time, and the need for managing it. It covers our journey at helping organizations with capabilities that facilitate automation, data democratization and help achieve business outcomes like operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and more. It also includes how we established a framework to address the Data Governance challenges faced by our customer, New York Life Insurance.