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This engagement gives an overview of using CDI to standardize and enrich MDM SaaS B2B records from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B).

Self-Service Resources
  • Understand the integration architecture in communicating to D&B to enrich data in MDM.
  • Best practices in enriching the data using 3rd party enrichment services like D&B.
  • Approach and design understanding in the enrichment process

Understand how to use CDI with MDM SaaS to enrich data via third-party sources for data governance and stewardship. A better understanding of the approach and process to enrich data in MDM.

Expert Session Agenda
  • Guidance on how to approach any third-party enrichment.
  • Basics of data quality and data integration in IDMC.
  • Ingress data to MDM SaaS in batch or real-time.
  • MDM SaaS integration patterns.
  • Best practices shared.
  • Reference to product documentation and digital content.
  • Expert guidance session.
Required Roles/Personas
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Engagement Category

Cloud Master Data Management


Cloud Application Integration

Cloud Data Integration


Engagement Type

Solution Advisory

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Use Cases & Tags

MDM SaaS Integration

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