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Learn - Adopt - Succeed

Learn the basic concepts and features of Axon Data Governance through a series of webinars, case studies, and other resources. It covers topics about how to enhance existing data use and data security capabilities.       

Expand your knowledge on Axon dropdown configurations, notification emails, and more. Gain an understanding of how to create Custom and Default Workflows and get familiar with personalized dashboards.   

Explore how Axon integrates with other products like EDC, IDQ, LDAP, and more to provide a synergistic Data Governance Program.                                                                                                                                                     

Get started with an overview of Informatica Cloud and CAI introduction. Discover concepts and capabilities unique to CAI.                                            

Learn about CAI Platform concepts and connections. Understand the features and functionalities to identify errors and handle failures in CAI.     

Learn more about CAI Advanced utilities. Discover and embrace best practices that help you standardize assets across projects.                             

Get started with CDI introduction, secure agent installation, and various CDI assets and components.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Understand CDI Advanced Configurations and learn about optimizing performance using these configurations. Discover features such as the Mass Ingestion task which helps migrate large volumes of data from on-premise flat files to cloud applications.

Supercharge your knowledge on CDI by exploring some of the advanced features and concepts. Learn how to use pushdown optimization, advantages of parameterization, and more.                                                                                                                        

Delve into the world of DEI with an introduction and overview. Get familiar with DEI fundamentals, architecture, and its various functionalities.                                         

Learn about DEI and DES concepts. Understand how to install and configure DEI, rename domains, security, and working on other ecosystems.                                          

Develop your expertise in DEI performance tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Learn how to interact with complex Datatypes and discover the tools supporting DEI products. 

Understand what EDC is and how your organization can benefit from it. Learn how to leverage information concealed in your data assets. Discover EDC basics like Mind map and Lifecycle, use cases, semantic search, and more.

Get proficient in EDC installation, configuration, resource management, and many such concepts. Develop an understanding of the overall architecture of EDC and the various components within it.                                                           

Gain deeper insights into EDC and learn how to understand relevant data assets. It covers EDC resource, schedule, and asset management, Axon-EDC-DPM Integration, and more.                                                                                               

Understand the key concepts of MDM and its architecture. Get familiar with the components of MDM such as base objects, support tables, trust framework, and more.

Learn about MDM installation, configuration, and enhancements. Learn how to use the tools and get familiar with the best practices.                                                              

Discover the latest offerings of MDM and enhance your expertise in MDM performance, security, upgrades, and advanced configurations.