Axon Data Governance: Beginner


Understand the basic concepts and features of Axon installation and best practices

Axon Data Governance: Intermediate


Expand your knowledge on Axon dropdown configuration, notification email and more

Axon Data Governance: Advanced


Explore how Axon is integrated with other products like EDC, IDQ, LDAP

Cloud Application Integration: Beginner

Get started with CAI introduction and other basic concepts

Cloud Application Integration: Intermediate

Learn about CAI Platform concepts and connections

Cloud Application Integration: Advanced

Learn more about CAI Advanced utilities and Best Practices

Cloud Data Integration: Beginner


Get started with CDI introduction, secure agent installation and more

Cloud Data Integration: Intermediate


Learn about CDI architecture, assets, administration and much more

Cloud Data Integration: Advanced


Become an expert on CDI by exploring some of the advanced features and concepts

Data Engineering Integration: Beginner


Know the DEI fundamentals, architecture and many other use cases

Data Engineering Integration: Intermediate


Learn about DES, renaming domains, security, working on other ecosystems

Data Engineering Integration: Advanced


Develop your expertise on DEI performance tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting

Enterprise Data Catalog: Beginner


Learn EDC basics like Mind map and Lifecycle, use cases, semantic search and more

Enterprise Data Catalog: Intermediate


Get proficient in EDC installation, configuration, resource management and many such concepts

Enterprise Data Catalog: Advanced


Master the EDC resource, schedule and asset management and much more

MDM Multidomain: Beginner


Understand the basics of MDM base objects, support tables and more

MDM Multidomain: Intermediate


Get familiar with MDM advanced configuration, tools, solutions and usage

MDM Multidomain: Advanced


Enhance your expertise in MDM performance, security, upgrades and advanced configurations