MDM Solutions - Explained

This webinar is intended to explain the various solutions available in MDM like C360, S360, P360, CC360, C360i. We will compare and elucidate their differences to understand how each of these solutions is suitable for various use cases.
Here is the agenda for this session:
  • Introduction
  • MDM Core Platform
  • Available Solutions on MDM
    • C360
    • S360
    • P360
    • CC360
    • C360i
  • Q&A
Speaker and Speaker Details

Yeluguri Dilip, Principal Customer Success Technologist

Yeluguri Dilip has been working on Informatica tools for almost 15 years, out of which the last 9 years have been on MDM. He has implemented over 25 MDM projects across 14 industries and has experience in consulting through IPS, owning and managing the MDM application as a Customer and consulting via Informatica’ Partner SI.