MDM Implementation: Informatica Hosted Vs Cloud Vs On-Prem

In this session we will go over the different models of implementing the Informatica MDM solution. The most traditional way was to keep the environment internal to the company which is the On-Prem model. With the advent of the cloud technologies and various cloud services providers the Could MDM model has evolved. Cloud has made the MDM software implementation a little easier. The next step in making the adoption and implementation much simpler, Informatica is offering the Informatica Hosted MDM solution. In this option, Informatica is going to take care of Hardware sizing, Topology Design, Installation of relevant software, Administration and Maintenance of MDM environment. This gives the Customer the ability to focus on the implementation and succeed faster.
Here is the agenda for the webinar:
  • Various components of a typical MDM implementation.
  • Different roles that are associated for the implementation.
  • Responsibilities of the roles and how this changes in each option.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each option.
  • Q&A
Speaker Details

Yeluguri Dilip has been working on Informatica tools for almost 15years, out of which the last 9 years were on MDM. He has implemented over 20 MDM projects across 14 industries and has experience in consulting through IPS, owning and managing the MDM application as a Customer and also consulting via Informatica’ Partner SI.