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Manage IICS Environment Effectively Using Assurance Service

This webinar is intended for administrators, devOps, and developers. The webinar navigates into the comprehensive capabilities and nuances provided by the Assurance Service. This service is designed to empower you in maintaining and effectively managing your IICS /IDMC Environment, with a specific focus on Cloud Data Integration (CDI), Cloud Application Integration (CAI), and Master Data Management (MDM SaaS) offerings. The session explores how the Assurance service addresses various challenges encountered across different stages of the cloud life cycle. Our discussions will revolve around enhancing observability, enabling automation, and fostering agility in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The key use cases to be covered include, however, are not limited to streamlined asset deployment, comprehensive asset and metadata management, cloud upgrade readiness assessment, efficient asset change management tracking, on-demand health assessments for performance optimizations, task anomaly detection for proactive issue resolution, and tools tailored to facilitate PowerCenter (PC) to cloud modernization initiatives. By the end of the webinar, you will uncover the transformative impact of leveraging the Assurance Service to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and enhance visibility within your organization's cloud environment.
Here is the agenda for this session:
  • Why Assurance Service?
  • Use cases, key features, and their benefits.
  • Demo
  • Best practices
  • Q&A 
Speaker and Speaker Details:
  • Ojas Srivastava, Lead Application Specialist, GCS
  • Azfar Zaidi, Senior Application Specialist, GCS


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