Deployment Best Practices of Data Governance Products – Axon, EDC, IDQ, DPM

This session is intended for Data Governance customers who are looking for deployment best practices for products like Axon, EDC, IDQ and DPM, and Reference Architecture. At the end of this session, customers will be able to get insights about the planning, sizing and maintenance of the product ecosystem with some best practices.
Here is the agenda for this session:
  • Deployment Plan
  • Reference Platform Architecture – On Premise / Cloud
  • Sizing Guideline
  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Demo
  • Q&A
Speaker and Speaker Details

Srinivasa Gopal, Principal Customer Success Technologist.

The presenter for this session is Srinivasa Gopal, an Informatica veteran from the Customer Success Technologist team, handling Data Governance and Privacy and has developed a niche in Cloud Data Management solutions