Axon Data Governance and Feature Integration

This webinar will enable all users to learn more about Axon, Data Governance with Axon, Informatica Data Governance Solution, and how Axon is integrated to auto onboard the data. The webinar will also focus on some important Axon features with the help of a demo.
Here is the agenda for this session:
  • Understanding Axon
  • Axon Data Governance
  • Axon Technical Architecture
  • Axon Facets and Data Flow
  • Informatica Data Governance Solution
  • Axon Data Market Place
  • Axon Dashboards for DQ, EDC and DPM
  • Axon Major Features
  • Demo
  • Q&A
Speaker and Speaker Details

Rakesh Varma

The speaker for this webinar is Rakesh Varma from the Customer Success Technologist team, who has more than 17 years of experience in Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence. He specializes in Informatica Data Governance and Data Engineering Products.