An Introduction to Axon Data Marketplace

This session is intended for Axon Customers. Axon Data Marketplace is the space where user can publish data collections for business use and find data collections that other users in the organization have published. If the user is owner of a data set in Axon, then owner can make the data available for others on a self-service basis from the Data Marketplace interface. Similarly, if user want to use the data published by other members in the organization, He can request for access to the data on a self-service basis.
Here is the agenda for the webinar:
  • Introduction to Axon Market place - Business use case elaboration
  • Demo on market place using Axon
  • Data provisioning with the help of EDC and IICS
  • Q&A
Speaker Details

The presenter for this session is Sachin Jain, an Informatica veteran from the Customer Success Technologist team, handling Enterprise Data Governance, Enterprise Data Catalog, Axon and Data Quality products with more than 12 years of experience and has developed a niche in Enterprise Cloud Data Management solutions.