Accelerated MDM: Delivery for MDM Recognizing First Value

MDM implementations don’t have to be lengthy, difficult, or costly. By focusing on the knowledge gained on many active-data roadmaps with our clients and using best practices and reapplying proven templates, we have been able to deliver faster and realise measurable returns in a short term while staying true to the journey ahead. Using this proven and repeatable approach with our 360 solutions, we have shown that together we can deliver real business value in 3 months.
Here is the agenda for this session:
  • Philosophy of Informatica's accelerated value
  • Critical success factors
  • Customer preparation phase
  • Delivery concepts and accelerators
    • Accelerated delivery method and approach
    • Solution elements
  • Roadmaps and Planning
Speaker and Speaker Details

Ian Baxter, Professional Services Director MDM, IPS
Christoph Peinert, Principal Consultant, IPS
Colm Mccaffery, Associate Director, IPS