Operationalize Data Privacy - 'Right to Know' Request Handling Use Case with Axon, DPM, IICS

This session discusses the implementation process for loading privacy related data into Axon and using the Subject Registry created by DPM to enable process orchestration with IICS to automate the data collection needed for a Data Subject Request (DSR) - Right to Know request.
Here is the agenda for the webinar:
  • Use case identification/prioritization.
  • Sample Data Privacy Roadmap creation
  • Data Privacy Reference Architecture
  • Persona based sample ‘Day in the life of’ execution flow across Axon, DPM, and IICS for the DSR request.
  • Best practices on prioritizing and loading Privacy data into Axon
  • Q&A
Speaker Details

Lisa Morris - Principal Consultant, IPS

Vivek Durairaj - Manager, IPS