Ephemeral Clusters, an Overview

This webinar is going to describe the ephemeral cluster task available in Informatica’s DEI product. It gives an overview of this feature and how it works with cloud ecosystems like Azure, AWS, etc.
Here is the agenda for the webinar:
  • Introduction 
  • Pre-requisites to create ephemeral cluster
  • Cloud provisioning configuration
  • Cluster Workflow Components
  • Create Cluster task, Mapping task, Delete Cluster task
  • Command line utilities
  • Demo
  • Troubleshooting steps
  • Known limitations
  • References
  • Q&A
Speaker Details

This session will be presented by Sampada and Puneeth. Both of them are well experienced in supporting and troubleshooting Data engineering related customer issues on various components. Over the period of time they have also developed a niche skill in handling ephemeral cluster related issues.