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Cloud Platform Onboarding 

Discover how to set up your cloud environment with our Cloud Platform Onboarding module. 
1 hour

Welcome to Informatica Cloud Data Integration (CDI) Onboarding. This course collection helps CDI users like you seamlessly start your cloud journey. We’ve divided this course logically into 4 weeks to get you started. Each section is a continuation of the previous one.

At the end of this module, you will be able to successfully:

  • Deploy a Secure Agent
  • Create Connections
  • Run a few jobs

Note: Although the course has been divided into 4 weeks, feel free to complete it sooner (it does not take more than an hour!)

Where is my IICS org located?
HOW TO: Find Org ID and POD in Informatica Cloud (IICS)

This article explains how to find Org ID and POD in Informatica Cloud (IICS) and lists all available PODs. 

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Read this article to learn about Licenses and how they determine the organization's Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services subscription level and provide access to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services features, connectors, and bundles.

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This article explains how you can view metering information for your organization and sub-organizations.

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Status Page subscription for maintenance and incidents
Show Video

This video explains how to subscribe to Informatica Status Page Notifications in IICS.

Release Schedule & Events Calendar
View Document

This article covers all future upgrades and maintenance schedules.

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Visit the events calendar to see all the upcoming events, including releases for cloud products, events for user groups, and more.

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